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Training Environment: Priceless

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Maiden3.16 wrote:
^I am jealous dude. My gym goes to 110 DB's. I havent done dumbell rows for a while now

Exactly... my last gym dbs went up to 100... only so many times I can press those before I get bored.

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Just scored a Bowflex for $50! I know this sounds gay on it's own, but I do have a full cage and a full compliment of weights and blast straps and stuff.
The bowflex is for cable moments....$50 bucks for a variety of complimentary cable movements is a steal of a deal!

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Training environment IS priceless.

Went for a lunchtime lift at the local Fitness Connection. The place was overcroded with Jersey Shore: Minority edition. I honestly don't understand how anyone can get work done in that environment. Weights all over the place, everyone one every machine and oh the distractions!! How can you lift and watch so many ladies?

I feel sorry for anyone that has to work out in this type of gym environment. It does not lend itself to growth.

Luckily I just wanted to hit some abs and stretch.

On the way out I stopped at the desk to speak with the manager. Big guy - looked like he powerlifted at some point.
ME - "Can we get some chains in here for the bench"
MGR- "what is that"
ME - "Did you powerlift? You know steel chains"
MGR- "Uh no, I don't see the benefit in that"

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If anyone is in Jacksonville, FL this week, come work out at World Gym on Beach Blvd with me at 5pm. Great gym- Dexter Jackson goes there (I haven't seen him).

That is all.

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Moving up in the world to the Long Beach Metroflex next month. I'm salivating.

Gold's has served me well, but its time to grow up.

Honestly it gets you down seeing people not make progress for YEARS, seeing weights all over the place, no one having respect for the environment or their fellow lifter, knowing that the gym owners don't care about YOU, they care about the "members" and how many they can sign up and have never actually come in. Personal trainers who don't train and dont know how to train or coach... Its really a slap in the face when you go there to do something you love with all your heart and you see this level of enthusiasm day after day.

Of course you can make amazing progress in almost any gym, but keeping motivation levels high can't be overlooked, and a great gym can actually offer you value above and beyond what you pay to train there.

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World Gym in Jacksonville (just before the bridge going into Jax Beach).

This place is awesome. I've been here 4 times now. Everytime there are big, big dudes, some who do contests, some who look like they could do contests, and some just big dudes.

And fit women. And fit women with lots of bolt-on titties, too.

The atmosphere is awesome, the equipment is awesome, the attitude is awesome.

Dexter Jackson comes here a lot apparently. And the Jax Jaguars cheerleaders.

I love this gym.

I may move to Jacksonville.

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In a few weeks I will be permanently be training at the Mecca of the Midwest - a la Armbrust Gym.

I'm not sure if I can put into words how excited I am about this. Firstly, because I might be able to get a glimpse, or if I'm lucky enough a conversation with Phil Heath. Pretty sure Skip, Ben Pakulski (sp?) and a number of other people.

Secondly, the gym has its own DAMN LEG ROOM! Like, an entire room. Just for legs. Need I say more?!

Yes, I can definitely say that pretty soon I'll understand that training environments really are priceless.

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SSC wrote:

Secondly, the gym has its own DAMN LEG ROOM! Like, an entire room. Just for legs. Need I say more?!

You gonna go Curl in there?

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