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hlss09 wrote:
For triceps, what difference do you guys notice between decline, flat, and incline CGBP?

The different angles are supposed to stimulate one triceps head more than the others.

Decline = Medial Head

Flat = Medial and Long Head

Incline = Long Head

However I disagree with that. I feel my whole tris independently of the angle. Decline feels more comfortable to me, Flat is more or less and Incline is simply awkward.

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hmmmm... now that my most recent host of injuries have completely eliminated olympic lifts and their variants from my training, I find myself more and more trying to figure out this Bodybuilding thing. i have NO idea how to go about this.

for 30 years I have focused on "movements" not body parts, and to really select exercises and loading schemes that work a particular muscle group is so alien to me I feel like a newb all over again.

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davidcox1 wrote:
I think you get more tricep mass from skull crushers and close grip bench presses than from dumbell extensions and press-downs, but I do them all. I'm a big fan of super-setting skull crushers with close-grip bench presses.

Do people prefer a straight bar, an ez-bar, or dumbbells for skull crushers? Is either one better for elbow or wrist health?

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